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BE ADVISED(..... It is Against Federal LAW to try to obtain a Commercial Loan on any Property that you do not have a SIGNED Offer to PURCHASE! ***MIN LOAN $900,000*** LENDER PREFERS $5,000,000. And UP
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100% Funding
"Principal Borrowers
Alternative Funding & Non-Conventional financing
5% Fixed Int, Non-Recourse,
LENDER PREFERS $5,000,000.00 & Up LOANS!!!
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***PREFER Loans of $5,000,000.00 & Up!!***
Merchant Retailer / Line OF Credit
Merchant and Retailer Line of Credit

Chef standing in dining area of restaurant and hand sliding credit card through machine

What is a Merchant and Retailer Line of Credit?

It's a program that allows our clients the ability to borrow against their future monthly credit transactions (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.).

Use the money however you see fit, whether it be for inventory, expansion, advertising and more!
Program Highlights:

Terms (length) of financing:
9 months (i.e. if the company borrows $9,000, then over 9 months the $9,000 will be paid back in 9 months)

Approval time: 2 business days

How long for funding? 7-10 business days

Preliminary documents needed: Three months bank statements and three months merchant card processing statements

Percentage of Amount Advanced: 80% of the average of the last three months

Minimum Line Amount: $10,000

Maximum Line Amount: $500,000

Credit Score Requirement: N/A (based solely on credit card transaction volume)

Fee: Usual

Does this product need a personal guarantee? No

What is the biggest advantage of this program? Our clients are not required to use 100% of the proceeds from the line of credit all at once. You will ONLY pay for the amount that you borrow at the TIME that you borrow.

Key Industries: Retail and clothing stores, Restaurants, Dry cleaners, Convenient stores, Doctors, Contractors, Auto Repair.

Get on track today to provide your business the cash it needs to grow and operate.

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